Locksigold and Her Sisters

 Student Blog Challenge Week 4: Activity 4 – Finish the Story!! 😎

Locksigold and her two sisters, Shimmer and Shine, had gotten lost adventuring through the woods. Locksigold was the oldest of the sisters and Shimmer, the youngest and bravest.

“I’m tired,” Locksigold complained.

“It’s okay. I’m sure we’ll find some shelter soon,” Shimmer replied. “Hey, look. I see a house up ahead!” she cried out excitedly. The house was awfully damaged and was covered in ivy.

“Shimmer, will you go and see if anyone is home?” Shine asked nicely. “After all, you are the bravest,” she said, making a cute smile as she asked.

“Oh sure, you think that if you butter me up, I’ll just go ahead and run up to a creepy old house to see if anyone is there.” Shimmer answered. “Well, luckily for you, I have to go and see if anyone is there, because according to this story, I have to!” Shimmer frowned as she spoke.

Shimmer slowly walked up to the house and knocked on the door. No one answered, so she carefully opened the door, not knowing what was inside. Thankfully, no one was home.

“It’s okay! It looks abandoned.” Shimmer shouted to the others.

All three girls went inside.

“I’m not so sure if this is a great idea,” Shine said uneasily. “Wait a minute – is that ice cream I smell?!” she suddenly blurted out, forgetting what she was saying before.

“That’s weird. How can you smell ice scream?” Locksigold asked.

“Don’t you judge me,” Shine replied. All three girls ran to the kitchen, and there on a rusty old table lay three bowls of ice cream. “Yay! Ice cream,” Shine screamed. Locksigold, Shimmer, and Shine all sat down, ready to eat.

“OH MY GOSH! MY ICE CREAM HAS MELTED!!!!” Shine screeched.

Locksigold grabbed a spoon, scooped up the ice cream in her bowl, and ate it. Suddenly, the spoon was stuck to Locksigold’s tongue. “My ice cream is too cold!” Locksigold tried saying out loud, but with difficulty since a spoon stuck to her tongue.

“My ice cream just vanished into thin air!” Shimmer declared.

“Let’s all watch some TV. That might calm us all down.” Shine suggested.

“Okay,” Shimmer and Locksigold agreed.

The three girls walked into the living room, and at once all three girls spotted a very beautiful, blue chair with little flowers painted on it.

“That chair is mine!” all three of them exclaimed at the same time. All at once, they leaped on the chair, causing it to break.

“That’s just great.” Locksigold whined.

“Well, I feel tired anyway. I want to rest,” Shimmer replied as she yawned. So, they all went upstairs and fortunately found a bedroom with three beds.

“My bed is too soft,” Shine muttered irritated.

“My bed is too hard,” Locksigold moaned.

“Mine’s just right,” Shimmer replied. “Why don’t we all sleep together in this bed,” she offered.

“Thanks,” the girls replied.

After they feel asleep, Shimmer woke up to the sound of a loud bang. “What was that?” Shimmer asked.

“What was what?” Locksigold replied.

“I heard a loud bang,” Shimmer answered.

“What’s going on?” Shine asked shimmer.

“I heard a loud bang,” Shimmer repeated.

As the three girls were talking, the door knob to the door was slowly turning.

“Look! The door knob is turning.” Shimmer gasped.

Finish the story: What do you think happened next?

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