My Kool Promo Video

Student Blog Challenge Week 6: Activity 1 was to write a post about what you are going to do to promote your blog.

I made a KOOL promotional video! Check it out.




4 thoughts on “My Kool Promo Video

  1. Wow! Kat,
    What a great way to promote your blog. Would have loved to hear the song in reality. Maybe you could create it using a website or app for music and then add it to your blog.

    Make sure you tweet about you video using #14stubc

    • Hi Mrs. W
      I’m glad you liked my promo video. I love to sing, but I’m shy about people hearing it.
      Talk to ya later.
      Kat ğŸ˜Ž

  2. Kat,
    Very nice job on your promo video. I too like the song lyrics! It would be fun if you could add music. You are very creative! I found your blog because you tweeted out your new blog post. Great work!

    My class blog is at
    We are a kindergarten bunch learning English!

    Denise Krebs

    • Hi Mrs. Krebs.
      Thank you for the nice comment. Your blog is really cool. I bet you’re a really great teacher.
      Talk to you later! Bye!
      Kat ğŸ˜Ž

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