The WarKat Family

Meet the WarKat family

The coolest, most awesome, mega, ultra supreme family. Okay, you get the idea. Meet my FAMILY!

Check out the Warkat Magazine starring, not movie type starring, but STARRING:



(Hover over the picture, and click on the icons to enjoy some awesomeness.)

6 thoughts on “The WarKat Family

  1. G’day Warrior Kat,
    WOW! All I can say ..WOW

    Thanks for being so creative in any of the activities I include in the challenge. Also thanks for including links to where you created each part of your thinglink post. A couple of websites I had not seen before.

    Because we have students under 13 years of age taking part, could you include the age you have to be to use the websites – just say must be 13+ to use this site.

    That way teachers and students will know whether they can use the site or not.

    • Hi Miss W.
      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. It was a lot of hard work, but it was fun too.

      My mom signs me up for everything and tells me what sites are okay to use, so I am not sure which ones are 13+ or not. My suggestion would be, that kids always ask for their mom or dad’s permission when using anything online.

      Kat 😎

  2. Hi WarriorKat! I absolutely love your blog, it is very creative! I would also like to ask you something if you don’t mind. I adopted my own little virtual pet, but how do you post it on your home page? I also live in Arkansas, in the River Valley, just south of you! 🙂 🙂

  3. Thank you, Creative blogger.

    It’s cool that you live in Arkansas. My mom said that we might take a field trip this week to the Crescent Hotel, which is supposed to be haunted. BWAHAHAHA! Have you ever been there?

    About adding your pet, I’ll do my best to explain how to do that.
    (You’ll have to add your pet’s HTML code to a text widget in your blog.)

    ★ First, add a text widget to your sidebar. (Here is a link on how to add widgets.

    ★ Next, go to Bunny Hero Labs and go through the steps of adopting your pet.

    ★ When you get to step 3, it will say, (where do you want to put your pet). Just below that click other site, which will show an HTML code.

    ★ Copy the code.

    ★ Then, go back to your blog, and paste the HTML code in your text box. Click save.

    Hope that helps!

    Kat 😎

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