The Lurking Creature


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Going for a walk through the woods by myself may not have been the best idea I had ever had, but it was Halloween, and the moon was full. What better time to go for an adventure in the spooky woods.

The moonlit sky was beautiful, and the air was crisp and cool. All was perfect, except for the eerie cry of the wolf I heard coming from the graveyard, which made me feel a little nervous. But I didn’t let that stop me.

As I was wandering through the woods, I heard a faint growl, and the cracking of small sticks. My mind raced wondering what it could be.

I turned around quickly, feeling defenseless. I searched to see where the sound had come from. Then, from the shadows, staring right at me were two giant, piercing, reddish-orange eyes.

The creature lunged at me with a ferocious growl, and…… 


9 thoughts on “The Lurking Creature

  1. Hi Kat!

    I love the idea of finishing the story! Also I love how you decorated your blog for Halloween, it looks amazing! What are you going to be for Halloween? Check out my new poem I made for Halloween!

    Oh and P.S “Don’t be afraid, be brave.” Is such an awesome motto!

    Sofia 🙂

    • Thank you, Sofia.

      I’m not sure what I am going to be for Halloween. I was going to be a VampWolf, but I have changed my mind. And since Halloween is tomorrow, guess I will have to throw something together. What are you going to be?

      Also, I read your poem. It was really good, as are all of your poems.

      Kat 😎

      P.S. I posted a music video by Lindsey Stirling, if you would like to check it out: Moon Trance. It is pretty cool.

  2. … suddenly looked crooked at me, moved back into the dark shadows and spoke wearily, calling me by name and saying ‘Kat, I thought you would never come!’

    Scared and surprised as I was, I was also very curious and this feeling overcame all others.

    ‘Who ARE you ?’ I asked, ‘and what do you want with me?’ I ventured bravely.

    ‘Do you not know me?’ replied the wolf. ‘Have I changed that much?’

    Looking closer into the wolf’s eyes I had a vague feeling of recognition.
    Then in a flash, and not knowing quite why, I got it.

    ‘Jim! Is that you?’ I wondered.

    Jim was a boy from my class who had disappeared mysteriously a little over a year ago.

    ‘It is I,’ whispered Jim sadly, shaking his head.

    ‘I have been turned into this hairy, carnivorous creature. I am asking you for your assistance, to help me turn myself back. For one thing, you know I am a vegetarian, and this year of eating meat has been hard for me’.

    But what were we to do? Where would we start? How would this end?

  3. Fearing the worst, I shut my eyes and screamed, which was followed by shouts of laughter. Opening my eyes, I saw Henry, a bully from school, and his gang laughing at me. “Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!” they chanted.

    My face grew red, and I was about to smack Henry upside the head when I noticed that the orange eyes I had seen, not moments before, were still there, peering out of the woods. I stared a little closer, thinking that I recognized those eyes.

    At that moment, a huge cat lunged out of the woods and pounced on Henry. Henry let out an ear piercing shriek, while the rest of his buddies tumbled over themselves and ran like whipped dogs.

    There was no mistaking it now. It was Daisy, my pet jaguar. I leaned over and hugged the beautiful creature. “How did you get out of your pen?” I asked, puzzled. Daisy looked up innocently, purring, and pushing her head into my hands. I scratched her lovingly behind the ears.

    “Alright, time to get off of Henry, even if he did deserve a little scare.” Daisy slowly moved, revealing a terrified Henry who had soiled his pants. Shaking and crying, Henry got up and ran off into the night.

    I looked down at Daisy and stroked her fur. “Good kitty,” I whispered, smiling. “I have a feeling that Henry won’t be picking on me at school anymore.”

  4. A thick, heavy mist washed over me as my stomach made it very obvious that I was hungry. Great, now how could I get home? It was hard enough to find my way to my favorite picnic spot in the dark, but how I could find my way back in this horrible mist! Well, I guess I better just enjoy my sandwich, nothing better than turkey and cheese late at night.

  5. “And started licking me, I screamed in fear and than realized it was my white linx. I took her home and cuddled her” cx I soooo want a pet linx, it would be super cool to go to school with it. Lol. 😋

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